Dundee, Invest in Dundee

Dundee is a flourishing regional center in East Scotland. It is the fourth largest city in Scotland. Dundee is also known as City of Discoveries because of its history of scientific activities. There are many technological and biomedical industries in Dundee. It is a regional education and employment center.



There are excellent communication and transportation links in Dundee and employers can approach a large labor market. Dundee offers benefits of city location by its academic expertise, strategical industrial location providing marine access, and integral supply-chain. Half of the population of Scotland resides within 60-mile radius of Dundee. Port facilities in Dundee offer a cost-effective base.



Dundee mainly focuses on investment. It is a city with a wealth of new investment and diverse economy. There is a high level of investment in public and infrastructural facilities. The main growth sectors are biotechnology, high-tech manufacturing, customer service, software development and retail. The city also has banking, insurance and financial sectors. The largest employers in Dundee are the Health Service and the City Council. It is a worldwide center for diabetes and cancer research. It is also moving forward with an electronic entertainment industry.



Dundee is home to 15% of the life sciences and biomedical industries in Scotland. The city is gaining importance in the field of life sciences. In Dundee, there are over 25 core life science companies which are employing over 4,000 people accounting for 16% of the local economy. With a number of government agencies and blue-chip companies located here, Dundee has also built a successful call center industry. Reasons for growth in this industry include ease of recruitment, low operating costs and quality of workforce. This city is committed to keeping up its positive points in the call center industry. A forum has been established to allow companies and public sectors to share best practices and work together on issues which affect the local industry, with recruiting, PR and training being the main activities. 



The growth in computer games development in Dundee has been a major success story. Dundee is Scotland's first game location and is home to 50% of Scottish games. The new media sector has contributed to the depth of skilled people by colleges and universities producing world class teaching and research in software and applied computing development. They also interact closely with local companies. It is the first city to develop an international center for virtual entertainment and computer games based at the Abertay Dundee University.



Dundee-based companies excel in software development, computer games, animation, film, graphic design, publishing, electronic entertainment, TV and music. Dundee is widely recognized for its gaming talent and is one of the crucial hubs for computer games in Britain. There are world class digital companies in Dundee working as internationally recognized leaders in operating new media platforms and the video games industry.



Thus, Dundee is a great place for investors looking to invest in fields of life sciences, the gaming and manufacturing industries and more. Foreign investors can surely reap multiple benefits by investing in various industries in Dundee which have marked considerable growth.