Edinburgh, Invest in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is a globally influencing city in the field of business, science, the arts and education, and is Scotland’s main administrative and judicial center. It is the United Kingdom’s second largest financial center, second only to London. Edinburgh has all the features necessary to start and grow a business. It is competitive, creative and connected. It is all set to become the most successful and sustainable city in all of Northern Europe by the year 2020.


Why Invest in Edinburgh


Edinburgh has all the necessary infrastructure and workforce conducive to the development of almost any kind of business. It is a national transport hub outside London with the best transportation mix of rail, road, sea and air links, which connect it with the remaining part of Europe, the UK, and beyond. It also boasts of having the highest levels of e-connectivity in the United Kingdom, and has comprehensive options of digital services and communication such as wireless broadband on train and bus routes joining Glasgow and Edinburgh.



Key Sectors worth Investing in Edinburgh


In recent years, Edinburgh has shown some solid economic growth. This is mainly because of its burgeoning sectors of finance, science and technology, tourism, retail and creative industries.


Finance: Ranked ahead of some of the best cities such as Manchester, there is a huge potential in Edinburgh in the arena of financial services. The main thing about Edinburgh is that it has a glorious history of financial services and is always up for innovations. There is tremendous potential in the financial areas of internet banking and mortgage.


Tourism: Being a host to the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, Edinburgh is surely the place for tourists. With top tourism companies such as MacDonald Hotels, Apex Hotels and City Inn, there is a lot more to explore in the tourism sector of Edinburgh.


Science and Technology: With numerous initiatives in the pipeline, with 3000 excellent researchers and a conglomeration of seven science and technology parks, Edinburgh surely has a lot in store for investors in the field of Science and Technology. It also has great opportunities in the electronics sector including plasma technology, compound semiconductors and sophisticated silicon devices.


Retail: Edinburgh was ranked 19th in the UK’s largest retail center with respect to market potential. The retail sector of Edinburgh is perfectly characterized by a distinct mix of strong medium-sized enterprises, a flourishing farmers’ market sector and UK multiples. There is also a mammoth investment underway for the retail sector of Edinburgh, thereby making it a perfect place for investing.


Creative Industries: Known as the Festival City, Edinburgh is a giant hub for creative industries. This sector has opportunities in almost all the creative fields such as art, design, advertising, film and video, software, publishing, performing art and broadcasting.


With a proper infrastructure in place and opportunities pervasive in almost all the sectors, Edinburgh is the destination for investors to think of.