Gloucestershire is a county situated in South West England. Gloucestershire is geographically divided into the Costwolds, Severn Vale and the Royal Forest of Dean. Gloucestershire County is known for its transportation links and scenic beauty and includes the city of Gloucestershire, Regency Cheltenham and the riverside Tewkesbury.



Gloucestershire is considered a paradise for private enterprises, as 78 out of every 100 people employed in Gloucestershire work in a private sector wherein pharmaceuticals, food and technology, financial services, engineering, manufacturing and avionics feature strongly.



Economic Profile of Gloucestershire:



Most of Gloucestershire's business units are small-scale employers, with approximately 72% of businesses in Gloucestershire employing only 1-4 people as of 2006.



Even though there are relatively fewer large firms (0.5%) employing over 200 people, they still manage to employ a considerable proportion (23%) of the county’s employees.



Major industrial sectors are identified by their potential economic performance. The key sectors in Gloucestershire are as follows:



  • Advanced Engineering
  • Finance and Business Services
  • Construction
  • Care
  • Distribution
  • Environmental Technology
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • The Public Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Supply
  • Creative Industries
  • ICT



The top 5 reasons for investing in the UK are as follows:



  1. It has a strong and proven balanced economy and is a proven inward investment location.
  2. It boasts of an abundant, experienced and skilled labor force.
  3. It has a well-developed transportation network providing links for doing business not only in the UK but beyond.
  4. It has an amazing quality of life.
  5. It offers major development locations providing superb regeneration opportunities.



Key Sectors in Gloucestershire:



  1. Creative Media:



The University of Gloucestershire has announced its plans to invest £40m within the  Blackfriars area of Gloucester for developing a new campus for its art, media and communications facility.



Many other Gloucestershire institutions such as the Arts & Media Department of Gloucestershire College and the Media Academy at Cirencester College also provide attractive opportunities to nurture and develop talent and offer valuable training courses.



The following industries in Creative Media are well-represented in Gloucestershire:




  • Design & Marketing
  • Crafts (especially in the Stroud area)
  • Film & Video
  • Software & Computer Services.
  • Art & Antique Markets (especially in the Cotswolds)
  • Advertising
  • Publishing



2. Environmental Technology:



For an investor looking to invest in environmental technology, Gloucestershire offers a magnificent investment opportunity. The county is an exciting place when it comes to doing business associated with nuclear, biomass, renewables and recycling. It also hosts prominent employers such as British Energy and BNFL Magnox.



Opportunities for growth:



Gloucestershire offers many opportunities for investors across different sectors and industries. The current redevelopment plans of the Gloucestershire Heritage Urban Regeneration Company, which is the UK's only heritage URC, has increased the investment prospects of Gloucestershire City.