Lancashire is a non-metropolitan city in northwest England. It is a dynamic and modern business location attracting a diverse range of business activities. Lancashire is a city of historic origin and is one of the largest sub-regions of the state.



This city has the best network of motorways which covers the country and West Coast Main Line provides rail links directly to London and other major cities. Due to its industrial past, Lancashire has given rise to a wide network of canals, which extends to neighboring countries. The three international airports in the city of Lancashire are easy to reach. Thus, businesses are mainly attracted to the unique combination of industrial past and commercial future.



Lancashire has been the manufacturing house of the UK for 200 years. Lancashire has been on the forefront of the UK's manufacturing and aerospace engineering industry for a long time. It develops, exports, and manufactures globally competitive services and products. The automotive industry in Lancashire combines historical strength and modern inventions. Companies in Lancashire portray many aspects of production including component production and final assembling. Advanced manufacturing has been the economic driver for growth in Lancashire.



Defense is the main private industry in Lancashire. It also offers a combination of world class research accompanied with innovation. With growing excellence in innovation, Lancashire is a perfect location to reap the multiple benefits of the Media City which is easily accessible. New Media, Digital and the creative sector in Lancashire are very diverse and highly growth-oriented.



Lancashire is considered a unique investment proposition. Combining its geography with its economic base makes it a sub-region that provides a strong complementary addition to the economy.



The foremost economic assets which Lancashire holds are:

1)   An emerging professional and business office economy.

2)   A unique compactness of high value added to manufacturing activity which includes the world-leading sector of Aerospace.

3)   Major education institutions.



The Lancashire Economic Partnership works on portfolios of more than 50 organizations in Lancashire that either have a substantial element of foreign investment or are owned by non-UK based foreign companies.



It offers the following:

1)   Advice and information on marketing and communications.

2)   Proper advice on available business support, financial assistance and commercial property information.

3)    Coordinated business development actions.



Lancashire embraces the inward investment sector and Internationalization as a growing sector. It also has strong manufacturing sectors exporting products throughout the world. Lancashire possesses a strong education base that reflects the reputation of a world class approach to production and engineering. Lancashire has a dynamic global economy that competes on the basis of advanced technology, excellent quality of life and knowledge.



Thus, from the perspective of investment, Lancashire is well connected and perfectly located with a wide market for investment in various sectors.