The city of Leeds is located in West Yorkshire, England. It is the urban center of a metropolitan district. Leeds is the fourth most populated city in the country. The entire city of Leeds is a combination of suburban and urban areas with distinctively surrounding towns and villages. Leeds has become important in terms of commerce and economy in the past few years. The city of Leeds is a hotspot among foreign investors and immigrants. Leeds is UK's largest place for legal, business and financial services and is termed as the fastest growing city in the UK. The distinct layout of landmarks, including attractive buildings and rural open spaces, speculates both its current roles and industrial past. There is a range of cultural festivals and religious buildings in Leeds.



Rail, road and public communication networks in the region are very focused. There are various twinning arrangements with cities and towns in other countries. It is one of the principal hubs for northern motorway network. Bus service is the primary means of public transportation in Leeds. The railway station at Leeds is one of the busiest outside London. The railway station provides international and national connections and services to regional and local destinations. Leeds Bradford International Airport has both scheduled and charter flights to places within Europe and Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan.



Leeds is emerging as a major destination for outsourcing groups in the north of England, and international financial services companies. Leeds’ business and financial service sector has grown by two thirds in past decades. Leeds is spreading beyond retail banking into fields of stockbroking, private wealth management, call centers and corporate finance. The city has transformed into finance regeneration process. Old industrial buildings are transformed into professional firms.


Demand for premium office establishments in the city is holding up in real estate firms. Over the past ten years, major property projects worth £3.5 billion have been established in Leeds. Ventura, a Leeds based outsourcing company, is at the forefront in the call center industry and is rapidly growing in its operations. Strong regional economic growth of the past decade brought more need for investment banking services and local corporate finance. In the past 10 to 15 years, Leeds has grown to be a national and international center of finance. With London becoming increasingly focused on international financial markets, opportunities have opened up for Leeds-based firms to do work that traditionally was done in London.


The city has emerged as a national finance center and is now encouraging international firms to settle in Leeds. The city has already encouraged an increasing list of foreign firms such as ICICI bank, Handelsbanken,  Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander and  Allied Irish Bank. There has also been considerable growth in legal and corporate sectors and growing local affluence has resulted in expansion of the retail sector. The business and finance sector in Leeds employs 124,000 people, which accounts for one third of economic output of the city.


Thus, Leeds has huge opportunities for foreign investors to invest wisely and gain maximum benefits.