Situated in the south central part of northwest England, Manchester has seen growth in almost all the sectors of its economy. Starting with making progress in manufacturing, Manchester is now known for its prolific service industry. The economy of Manchester is one of the fastest growing in the United Kingdom. It was ranked as the second best place to do business in the UK and the sixteenth best in Europe. With a low cost of living, excellent educational prospects, high quality of life and a vibrant economy, Manchester is attracting large amounts of inward investment thus making it a world-class destination for investing.


It is a pioneer in almost every industry including computing, technology, engineering, research and robotics, among others. Highly diversity, it is progressive and full of potential. It has one of the world's best primary airports, well-established public transportation systems, and is rich in cultural, heritage, sports and shopping centers to explore. It is primarily known for its cosmopolitan status.


Manchester is the fastest and largest growing center for financial, legal and professional services. It is England's largest stock-broking and regional corporate finance center with more than 60 banks, a majority of which are foreign banks.


It also has a good combination of social and supportive infrastructures, which are the key ingredients for investment. It has a sound educational system and also has an extensive range of transport which provides easy accessibility to international and domestic markets.


The main essence of Manchester lies in its competitive business costs, which have given birth to a vibrant economy. Businesses established in Manchester can gain from highly competitive cost-base elements against London and other major European cities. It is one of Europe's top ten cities in terms of availability and affordability of office space.


Key sectors to invest in Manchester:


The investment prospects in Manchester are pervasive in almost all the sectors. Some of the main alluring sectors to invest in Manchester are Advanced Manufacturing, Biomedical, Creative and Digital Industries, Financial and Professional services, Food and Drink, Energy and Environment Technology.


The retail industry in Manchester is also one of the sectors which investors can focus on. Manchester is the fourth largest retail area in the UK in terms of sales. Its retail sector is comprehensive and contains shops and chain stores, and also has the UK's largest inner city shopping mall. Furthermore, in the past few years there has been a tremendous boom in the restaurants and bars in Manchester.


There are a plethora of agencies to help investors establish themselves in Manchester. These agencies are basically designed to attract investment into Manchester. These agencies provide new and innovative services to promote Manchester as a world-class business location.


With world-class infrastructure, potential sectors and already vibrant efforts to attract Foreign investment, and its proximity to the Europe's financial capital, London, Manchester is surely the place in which every investor will like to invest in.