Investing in New Port

New Port is a city in Wales. The travel and work area of New Port incorporates most of south Monmouthshire. New Port has three major centers for employment namely the city center and business parks that are clustered around the M4 junctions (28 in the West and 24 in the East). The biggest employer in New Port is the Civil Service.


In the year 1997, New Port had bagged what was then considered to be Europe's biggest ever inward investment, when the LG Group had announced a £1.7 billion project, which in turn created 6,100 jobs and supported many public sector giants.


New Port is renowned for its mild Pacific coastal climate, corporate houses and a nearby airport boasting of a dozen major air carriers. The city is also popular for its distinctive housing, oceanfront dining and a booming retail sector.


Excellent Transport Network:


New Port has excellent road, rail, sea and air services that make it an ideal strategic business location.



The major east-west route in the Southern part of the UK, the M4 motorway, connects the city to London and the South East. There’s a proposed second motorway that’s expected to speed up the east-west connections even more.




New Port has a well-developed railway network, which connects it to other major cities. Through the rail network, a person can reach London in just 110 minutes.




New Port is in close proximity to the Bristol Airport (which is only 55 minutes drive time away) and Cardiff International Airport (which is just 35 minutes drive time away). These airports provide direct scheduled services to many national and international locations. London Heathrow Airport, one of the major international airports in the UK, is just 2 hours drive time away.




The New York Port is ideally located to serve the major commercial and industrial centers of the UK.


Abundant skilled workforce:


New Port’s geographical position (it is situated at the gateway to Wales) provides employers with easy access to a vast reservoir of potential staff.


Close to 74,000 people are employed in New Port and an estimated 479,000 economically active people reside within a 30-minute drive time. More than 1.6 million people stay within a one-hour drive. The resident population of New Port is estimated to grow by approximately 10,000 over the next decade.


Also, the annual output of first-degree graduates from the universities located within 30 miles of New Port is more than 17,000. The New Port workforce has a proven track record, when it comes to loyalty, flexibility and dedication.


Financial Assistance:



For the companies expanding within or relocating to New Port, there are many financial incentives. Following are some grants (usually up to £5000) that are applicable to businesses in every sector:


  • Information and Communication Technology Grant:


It can be accessed by businesses consisting of up to 50 employees.


  • Commercial and Industrial Improvement Area Grant:


It is available to every business in the 6 defined areas of New Port.


  • Start-Up Rent Subsidy:


It’s available to Limited Companies, sole traders or partnerships.


Apart from all these factors, New Port offers an excellent quality of life. Thus, New Port can really prove to be an investment hotspot.