Oxford is located in southeast England. It comes under the county of Oxfordshire and the rivers Thames and Cherwell run across it. The University of Oxford is world renowned and is the oldest university of the English speaking world.


Oxford is referred to as the “City of Dreaming Spires” for its harmonious architecture. It has been a place for royalty and scholars. Now, it is a cosmopolitan area and is developing as a technology hub. There are many business and science parks in Oxford. It is also a thriving tourist destination.


Many tourists come to Oxford for its rich culture. There are many historical buildings reminiscent of the British architecture. It houses the iconic Radcliffe Camera built in the mid-18th Century and the Bridge of Sighs in the Radcliffe Square. It also has many museums which are attractive destinations. In addition, Oxford University and other colleges are also famous and popular amongst tourists. Tourism generates $740 million for Oxford businesses. Hence, tourism is a great option for investment in Oxford. 


Companies and businesses in Information and Communication arena, Nanotechnology, Automobile and Aerospace can have excellent prospects in Oxford. Research and continuous innovations are taking place at the University of Oxford to revolutionize these sectors.


The automobile sector is prominent in Oxford. Production of the MINI is being undertaken at the BMW plant in Oxford. The University of Oxford is also helping improve car design safety as an initiative by Oxfordshire County in partnership with Toyota. The Faraday partnership in automotive materials by Oxford University is an attempt to improve the technology transfer between industry and academia. Thus, the automobile sector is a good sector to invest in to incorporate the latest innovations in the field. 


Electronic companies such as The Sharp Laboratories of Europe that undertake research in consumer electronics is located in Oxford. Many biotech companies are also supported by Oxford bioscience. The Department of Biochemistry in the University of Oxford is a world leader in life science research. It specializes in structural biology, molecular cell biochemistry and genetics. So, these sectors are also good areas to invest in and make use of the expertise.  


Oxford is also home to many science parks which encourage research and innovation. Such parks include the Oxford Science Park, the Begbroke Science Park which aims at achieving innovation through research. Businesses and university entrepreneurs work together here to achieve better design and growth. The Center for Innovation and Enterprise also provides office and lab accommodations for start-up companies.


Hence, for start-up companies, Oxford is an ideal place for operations. It helps them with accommodation and technical support. Companies undertaking research work can also benefit from the expertise of Oxford academicians.


Thus, Oxford is a great place to invest in because it is a great center for innovation and design.