Plymouth is England’s second largest city and is located on its south coast. It is a very beautiful place and is flanked by Dartmoor National Park on the northern end, the natural harbour to its south and the two rivers Tamar and Plym on either end. It has both a city and country feel to it. 



It has a fascinating past and rich culture. Plymouth offers great environment and has a strong economic and social structure. Traditionally, the occupation was seafaring. Defence was also a major sector in Plymouth. Now the sectors have expanded into healthcare, electronics, advanced engineering and also boat building.



More than 1 billion pounds are being invested in Plymouth to spruce up the infrastructure of the city. Redevelopment of Sutton Harbour, Millbay Docks and Brentonside is going to take place. In terms of environment, Plymouth offers the best possibilities. It has been rated as the city that offers the best quality of life throughout UK. 



The education sector is well developed in Plymouth. It has a huge talent pool owing to the high standard of universities and institutes. There are universities in medicine, radiology and dentistry. The Plymouth College of Art and Design is a specialist college in art and design.



Plymouth offers lots of business opportunities. In the sectors of marine industry, creative industry, medicine and healthcare, tourism, business services and advanced engineering, they offer many advantages in comparison to its competitors.



Plymouth is renowned for its marine research and has many centers engaged in it. The marine sector is divided into three areas: boat building, marine sciences and marine engineering. Companies in this sector are engaged in coastal engineering, transportation systems, marine technologies, marine tourism and research. This is a very good sector to invest in as it has a long history of expertise and professionals.



Plymouth also has telecommunication capabilities. All the areas in Plymouth are broadband enabled. Cornwall and Devon lead this sector. This is therefore a good area for e-commerce related businesses.



Plymouth has good infrastructure in place. The Tamar Science Park is one of the fastest growing parks in the country. It is a hub for technology-based businesses. The technology sector is ever expanding and hence a great area for investment.



There is also scope for many creative industries in Plymouth. These industries include advertising, crafts, design, fashion, music, performing arts and others and offer good investment potential for investors in these sectors.



Plymouth also has business support agencies which offer help to start up companies. Also, there are many schemes that can be used for investing in this region. Hence, it is a great area for investment and offers lots of potential and scope.