Investing in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire city of UK provides investors with access to leading industry sectors including those of chemical, advanced engineering and materials, digital and new media and environmental technologies.



All these business sectors furnish investors with access to established R & D facilities and expertise, industry networks and good market opportunities, strong supply-chains and a highly skilled and abundant workforce. All these factors will surely contribute to business growth.






Yorkshire witnesses much as 10% of the total chemical-related activity carried out in the UK. Easy land availability, low costs and superb supply chains are some of the major factors that make Yorkshire a hot destination for conducting chemical-related activities.



More than 450 chemical companies are based in this region. World renowned companies such as Novartis, BP and Syngenta have also set up their bases in Yorkshire.



Yorkshire can provide your business activities with many benefits including:



  • A prominent ports complex that is capable of handling cape-sized vessels.
  • World renowned universities that produce approximately 16% of the country’s chemistry graduates.
  • A major industry support network consisting of fourteen Centres of Industrial Collaboration (CICs) and two regional chemical initiatives.



In addition, Yorkshire is the only region in the UK that provides the facility for training the workforce on full size chemical equipment.



Advanced Engineering & Materials:



This sector will offer your business an access to world's some of the world's leading expertise in supreme value advanced engineering and materials research.



Many aerospace and automotive industries-based businesses across the globe have recognized the importance of Yorkshire's expertise in alloys and metals, with more than 1,400 engineering companies and over 170,000 industry specialists.



To assist your business in achieving its full potential, Yorkshire offers:


  • The highest concentration of precision forgers in the entire UK
  • 12 percent of the UK’s engineering graduates
  • A cutting-edge science and technology-based incubation infrastructure
  • Easy access to the fast expanding European and UK markets.
  • A unique Advanced Manufacturing Park that focuses on business led materials research and technology.



Digital & New Media:



Yorkshire boasts of cutting-edge innovation in e-learning, games development, new media and convergent technologies. It accommodates more than 13,000 electronics, media and ICT companies including world renowned companies such as Tunstall Telecom, BBC, ITV, Nokia and Pace Micro Technology.



Some factors that make Yorkshire a hot-spot for digital and new media are:


  • 100% broadband enablement
  • A supreme quality science and technology-based incubation infrastructure
  • Two of the largest e-learning services across the world



Environmental Technologies:



This sector furnishes businesses with access to the most recent advances or developments in clean technology. Yorkshire, with its cutting-edge innovation in alternative energy, fuel cells, bio fuels, waste and water treatment and wind power proves to be one of the most suitable places to conduct environment-related activities. Currently, the region houses more than 14,000 environmental technology specialists. In comparison to other agricultural areas, Yorkshire's major agricultural areas have more potential to develop a large amount of biomass. The region also promotes the use of wind power.



Yorkshire can also prove an ideal investment place, when it comes to investing in sectors such as those of finance, food and drink and healthcare.