The UK holds a lot of investment potential in the aerospace sector. It is amongst one of the highest value-adding sectors in manufacturing in the UK. In fact, the aerospace industry in the UK is second only to the USA. The aerospace sector in the UK grossed a turnover of £21 billion in 2008. It also grossed £1.8 billion in the research and development sector.


The aerospace industry is also amongst the largest industries for exports in the UK. It accounts for 69% of total sales in the exports sector. It has more than 3000 companies in its supply chain and is the largest manufacturer in Europe.   


The advantage of the UK’s aerospace sector is that it deals with both commercial heavy aircraft production and military aircrafts too. It has a huge talent pool available to draw from and also has the infrastructure in place for advanced research work in the field of aviation.


The UK’s areas of expertise in the aviation sector include:


1) Wing assembly: The UK is amongst the few countries that have capabilities for designing, testing, integrating and manufacturing aircraft wings. Companies in the UK contribute 50% of the total production in this field worldwide, including wing assembly for the renowned Airbus aircrafts. This field also offers long term prospects in the support arena. The research and development sector is also is attracting major investments. This is thus a potential area for investment in the aviation sector in the UK.


2) Electronics and subsystems: The UK also deals in physical integration of essential subsystems such as fuel systems, undercarriages and wing-mounted electronics. There are many companies in the UK which provide these subsystems. They also deal in advanced hydraulic equipments, major structural items and metal or composite wing structures. Thus, this is also a great area for investment.


3) Aero-engines: The UK provides cutting edge power for all levels and types of generation engines. It deals with even the smallest precision parts and with all the processes from project design to maintenance and support. UK-made engines are used worldwide by more than 600 airlines. These engines are highly reliable and have low ownership and operating costs.


It builds engines for aircrafts from business jets to commuter planes and also intercontinental airlines. Hence, this is a very lucrative option for investment and offers great scope.


4) Structural assembly: The UK is a world-renowned leader in production of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. It also leads in military aircraft production. It has expertise in all areas such as actuation, avionics, computer systems, ejection seats, flight and fuel systems, ground support and communication related equipment. Hence, this is a great area for investment.


5) Supply Chain: UK companies also deal in supply chain management. They have streamlined support to major customers. The UK aerospace sector has also engaged in e-business to further boost this industry.


5) Maintenance and Repair: This is also a good sector for investment. With its high skill base and expertise in the aerospace sector, this is also a thriving sector for business.


The UK leads and has expertise in the all areas of the aviation sector. Therefore, the aerospace sector in the UK is a great option for potential investors.



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