Business and Law Services

The United Kingdom, being a highly developed country is known for its well-established tertiary sector. The services sector accounts for a 73% share in the overall UK economy. However, there are still loads of opportunities available in the UK’s business and law services that remain unexplored.


Business Services:


The business sector in the United Kingdom is highly sophisticated and has developed from the global trend to ship outwards non-core functions associated with business. This sector has many opportunities stored primarily in sub-sectors such as management consultancy services, service activities, market research, legal services, PR and advertising, asset-backed finance and many more.


The top ten business activities include customer contact centers, business consultancy services, and legal services.

Business Consultancy Services: It is one of the fastest booming sectors in the United Kingdom. It has opportunities in almost all types of consultancy services such as niche firms, generalists, strategic and even human resources (HR).


Customer Contact Centers: There is tremendous potential in customer contact centers in the UK as they are available in all shapes and sizes. It is also the second largest recipient of BPOs in the world.

Legal: The United Kingdom is also the frontrunner in international law and is home to some of the largest global legal companies. With worldwide presence and the existence of English law, it is the preferred jurisdiction for various international contracts and is the emerging centre for dispute resolutions.


With opportunities in so many sub-sectors, the UK is surely the best place in terms of providing business services offers.

Law Services


English law has a global presence and is famous for its transparency, fairness and dependability. Just like the English language, the law of England also dominates the international framework in terms of conducting business.


With a stringent code of ethics and strong regulation, UK lawyers offer the best business services and grant useful transactional advice. As much as 10,000 disputes having international dimensions were resolved. To boost this sector, an organization known as Leeds Legal was set up. Not only this, the legal services in the UK also offer a range of services such as advising on international capital  markets, financing and refinancing, mergers and acquisitions and private equity.


If this were not enough, there are also professional services such as risk management and tax advice and accounting, which are standardized for international excellence with a global reputation with respect to tax services, financial analysis, marketing and recruitment and actuarial services. All these services are available in almost the entire United Kingdom. The largest legal marketplaces in the UK are Yorkshire, Scotland, West Midlands and Northwest, all of which provide diverse legal services which are vital for carrying out various kinds of business transactions. The intensity of legal services offered is such that it contributed an overseas earning of 2,970 million pounds to the economy of the United Kingdom.



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