Suntech Power, world's biggest solar energy investor and manufacturer, enters UK's Renewable energy sector


Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd, the biggest manufacturer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, got its official certification under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) UK, a requirement for any solar investors in the UK market, for its models that have remained popular around the world. This certification means that customers and value added resellers operating in the UK will be able to use the company’s solar panels for electricity generation.


The certification was issued by the UK’s top test agency, the British Board of Agreement, and it certifies that the company‘s modules are fit with regard to the relevant standards for sales in the UK market. The MCS approval procedure generally entails a factory inspection meant to certify that the production processes of a company meet or exceed the safety and reliability regulations and standards and the thorough evaluation of products.


Investors in renewable services provision such as The Green Electrician, a solar installer, will be delighted to offer Suntech’s modules to their UK clients. The director of Green Electrician was impressed by Suntech’s quality, high performance and the reliability of its modules that the company installed in Germany.


Mr. Higgins, Green Electrician executive said that he would readily recommend Suntech’s high performance solar products to their customers in the UK. Suntech has a bigger presence in Europe given the quality and performance of their products.  The Green Electrician has experienced a boom in business since installing their initial system in April with the company developing about a dozen new systems using Suntech modules within April.  The solar market’s forecasts look brighter if looked at from the performance of UK installers that have reported a burgeoning increase in demand.


Suntech Power Holdings Co. produces industry topping products for residential, commercial, industrial and utility applications.  The company has its regional headquarters in China, Switzerland and the US. Thus far, the company has built around 10,000,000 photovoltaic panels for over 80 countries. The company’s R&D is crucial to creating customer centered innovations that are driving solar to grid parity against fossil fuels. Its foray into the huge UK market offers forecast for great returns both for solar services providers like installers and the company itself.


Launched in 2009, Suntech’s advanced solar product testing facility is widely renowned as the best having won the Underwriters Laboratories Witness Testing Data Program Certificate in addition to the VDE Test Data Acceptance Program Certificate in accordance with the requirements of IEC 61215 and IEC 61730.


May 28, 2010.