Finance and Banking

The United Kingdom is both the single most internationally focused financial market in the entire world as well as a leading global financial services centre. Out of the services sectors’ 73% contribution to GDP, a major chunk comes from the financial services, especially banking and insurance. It has the world’s largest financial centre, London, which is home to several international businesses and has the highest number of foreign bank branches in the entire world. From this it can be easily stated that the UK is surely the best place when it comes to financial services.


Why the UK


The United Kingdom possesses a convergence of capital and capabilities unrivaled by any other country. Because of this, more and more companies have already chosen and are successfully thriving in the UK.


As far as monitoring is concerned, the financial sector in UK is unsurpassed. It has an effective and proportionate regulatory system in place, which is unbiased and perfectly focused on the future. The regulatory framework of the UK nicely balances the acts of facilitating investment and precluding abuses. It is also highly principled and risk-based and has become one of the magnets attracting various international businesses.


Practically speaking, there are numerous advantages associated with the UK when it comes to its finance and banking industry. It has a comprehensive range of client base, which is always ready to embrace institutional and private clients in the UK as well as overseas.


Its liquid securities market provides opportunity to trade in almost all kinds of large segments of shares. The UK has a perfect and globally competitive technological infrastructure with entire connectivity throughout the country through its magnificent rail, road and air links. As if this weren’t enough, it also has flexible work arrangements, specialized staff and a time zone that is conducive to dealing easily with financial centers all around the world.


Key Locations to Invest


Though London remains the hotspot for the finance industry, there are also many opportunities available in the field of finance in places such as Scotland, South West, North West, East of England, Wales and West Midlands. These regions are showing their value as regions for vast operations of fund management and are coming up with minimized costs but the same access to the depth of capital and expertise as the United Kingdom as a whole.


The main attraction for the finance industry sector in the UK is London. Being a home to almost all the leading international banks and financial institutions, London is the place worth investing when it comes to financial services.


Apart from London, Scotland has long been recognized as a centre of excellence with respect to investment management. Its capital city, Edinburgh, has a huge base of expertise involved in asset-servicing sectors and fund management. Just like Scotland, other regions are also making their mark on the financial services sector. The establishment of Investment Management Research Unit (IMRU) in Wales and the presence of Barclays Personal Investment Management (BPIM) in the East of England are some of the indicators of the burgeoning financial industry in the United Kingdom.


With the entire necessary infrastructure, presence of big names, home to one of the world’s largest financial hubs, London, and opportunities in almost all the regions, the United Kingdom is the country worth investing in, especially when it comes to investing in the financial industry.