Health (Biotech/Pharma) & Chemicals

The UK has one of the fastest growing and strongest Biotech and Pharmaceuticals sectors in the world. The growth of this sector is driven by its rich pool of skills and talent. A strong academic base, government support for R&D through investment and tax credits attract leading companies to the UK. The UK life sciences sector enjoys an outstanding rate of success. Twenty-five of the world's 100 top selling medicines were discovered and developed in the UK.



Infrastructure for the Biotech and Pharmaceuticals sector:



The UK offers superior educational institutions and training and research facilities that help develop and support clinical research. The UK is home to many postgraduate degree granting institutes that specialize in regulatory and clinical affairs.



The UK has made a major investment of more than 200 million pounds recently in R&D in the biotech and pharmaceuticals sector which has boosted the capacity and capability of early phase clinical studies and experimental medicine research.



The UK Clinical Research Network, formed in 2005, provides a performance managed infrastructure to industry sponsored clinical trials, investigator initiated trials, and well designed studies. This infrastructure support is given in association with National Health Services.



UKCRN research includes a series of topic specific and comprehensive research across the network spread in the UK. The research covers a full range of medical conditions, including rare diseases. The UKCRN also works with biotech, pharmaceuticals and devices to facilitate and streamline commercial research, and industry sponsored trials.



Stable Regulatory environment:


The UK provides a balanced regulatory environment to the sector. The stable environment takes into consideration human and environmental safety and at the same time encourages innovation and entrepreneurial efforts. The government is taking steps to streamline the regulatory environment which includes streamlined systems for research permissions and approvals. These amendments will speed trial start times.



UK health governments have the right strategies in place to make the UK the best place in world for health research, innovation and development. The government has also increased its funding to the sector which will reach 1.7 billion pounds per year by 2010-2011. The world class scientific institutions, strong research base and outstanding record in product development are attractive for investors to invest in UK's Biotech and Pharma sector.




Chemicals and Process Industries:



UK chemicals and process industries have firm foundations due to the presence of an excellent infrastructure, extensive technical expertise, support network and skills. It is one of the largest manufacturing sectors, accounting for 11% of total revenue from manufacturing sector.



The growth of this sector is based on core strengths of science, innovation and research and development. The UK supports four key process and chemical industries:



  • Base and Petrochemicals
  • Fine and Specialty Chemicals
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacturing



UK chemicals and process industries gain advantages from a range of facilities to produce sustained growth in the sector in the future. The chemical industry has laid its strong foundations based on productive relationship between public and private sector companies, local academic institutions and technology driven industry experts.



The 10 million pound, 21st century training center, National Skills Academy for the Process Industries provides training and world class opportunities to new entrants and existing workers to update and learn new skills. This training facility will play an important role in creating a new workforce for the future. The government has doubled its investment in R&D which has shown impressive results. The government also offers tax incentives in R&D to companies based in UK.



The UK intends to attract new investment in pharmaceutical and specialties investment depending upon regional excellence. UK is one of the world's leading chemical producing nations that continue to grow with exports, outstanding level of growth, productivity performance and foreign direct investment.