IT and Computing Industry

The software and IT industry is a growing field worldwide. The UK is the front-runner in attracting software companies throughout Europe. It is home to many global players and has more than a lakh specialist software firms. The public sector engagement and investments by the UK government is the reason for companies setting shop in the UK.



Another factor attracting companies is that it is very easy to set up a business in the UK. It also has competitive tax rates for foreign investors. The corporate tax is 28% which is the lowest amongst its competitors. The UK leads in innovation and offers a good research base. It also has a large talent pool of IT engineers and world class institutes which are a plus.



The UK has a sound infrastructure in place for supporting software operations. The key aspects that the UK can provide any software company setting up operations here are:



1) e-business:  The UK is amongst the leading locations for e-business. It has the infrastructure and the technology in place for facilitating e-business. As e-business is the way of the future, companies initiating e-business operations will find the UK a great option.



2) Broadband availability: The Internet is driving most businesses today and hence broadband connectivity is essential for all businesses. The penetration of broadband technology is 28.1% in the UK, which is higher than that of the European Union. Hence, the UK can be a great option for investment. 



3) Wi-Fi availability: the UK is next only to US in number of verified Wi-Fi hotspots. This is a plus for all software companies looking to set up operations in the UK. Wireless technology is set to grow and it also offers more mobility and options.



4) Secure servers: It has the largest number of secure servers after the US and Japan. Hence, security is great and businesses don't need to worry about data leaks and loss. This is very important to maintain customer trust and support.



In addition, the cost of operations in the UK is highly competitive. Companies can choose providers and tariffs rates according to their requirements from a host of providers in the UK.



Also, the UK has many institutes and universities offering software related training and research. The UK thus has a large pool of qualified professionals which is a boon for software and computing industries.



The UK is a leader in innovation. It has many universities that are dedicated to the cause of innovation. These institutes are coming up with newer technologies and ways to improve productivity. Hence, businesses can avail themselves of the newest technologies by setting up operations here. In addition, they can also work with these world famous institutes to develop software that is related to their field.



Hence, it is a wise idea to invest in the IT and computing sector. You can avail yourself of the best resources at very competitive rates and amass huge profits for your organization by investing in the UK.



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