The capital city of the United Kingdom, London, is honored to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. The capabilities of the UK in various fields such as event management, marketing, construction, communications, engineering, design, logistics, medical care and catering are the major factors which allow London to host these precious games.


This privilege of hosting the Olympic Games has opened doors to new opportunities for businesses to get involved in major international sporting events. The Olympic win has given a competitive advantage to companies in the UK to invest in sports events occurring globally. UK companies provide a comprehensive range of expert services such as event management, construction and design and planning.


The UK Trade and Investment Major Sports Project Team can provide the necessary assistance for UK companies to win international contracts and bring international buyers and UK suppliers together. The team will represent the sporting abilities of UK companies to those countries who are all set to host international sports events in the future such as the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The UK trade and investment agency, a government agency that helps overseas investors, has prepared an extensive report, which deals with infrastructure opportunities for UK companies in Brazil, which will help Brazil prepare for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 


Investment Opportunities


Sports Associations and Municipal Corporations are always in search of inexpensive facilities and structures that can prove beneficial for sports events taking place in that area. The UK already has many potential and existing suppliers who provide sports facilities, which help to reduce costs. They offer facilities that can be used in almost all the areas thereby becoming the best solution for overseas projects.


Cities which are going to host international sports events are required to go through a complete transformation. This necessity for transformation brings new opportunities for UK companies. This is mainly because these cities open their doors to companies, which can help them in their process of transformation. The UK companies who already have experience working for international sporting events have a huge advantage over others in these cities.


Furthermore, apart from construction, international sporting events also fuel a lot of demand for infrastructure such as transportation and accommodation facilities. Besides, these structures also need to be engineered and designed to the highest quality so that they offer safety and sustainability. Apart from that, the infrastructure should also be according to standards so that it can meet the expectations of media, athletes and spectators. Owing to these factors, many overseas companies are already contacting UK companies to involve them in such massive sports events to provide equipment and specialist technology, which can improve stadium management, increase revenue and establish a commercially competitive fan base.


As all the major sports events are in the pipeline and many in different countries also, investors should definitely not miss this opportunity - especially those who want to diversify their portfolio, expand their organization, and tap new markets.