Sweden based Teleca acquires UK based SurfKitchen

Teleca has acquired the UK’s SurfKitchen, effectively adding mobile internet solutions for operators to its wide portfolio. The UK investment further expands Teleca’s portfolio to include persuasive offerings for the mobile operator sector. Teleca believes customers will significantly benefit from the unique combination of SurfKitchen’s strong operator offering, combined with Teleca’s deep relations and skills for the mobile device sector.

Teleca is a world-leading supplier of solutions and services to the mobile and connected industries. SurfKitchen has approximately 55 employees and helps mobile operators and their partners overcome the discoverability, usability and fulfillment challenges associated with the delivery of mobile applications and services.

Michel Quazza, Chairman and CEO of SurfKitchen, said the acquisition brings together two companies with very complementary skill sets. SurfKitchen will get access to Teleca’s strong presence in the connected devices industry and its extensive partner network, while Teleca can offer its deep knowledge of embedded systems to SurfKitchen’s operator customers.

The result is true end-to-end services that benefit the whole industry and will provide unique differentiation, said Quazza.

René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Teleca, noted that the mobile and connected devices industries are moving from software enabled hardware businesses to hardware enabled software businesses. As such, Svendsen-Tune noted that there will be rapid growth in the overall market of content and application consumption. Through this acquisition, the firm can offer mobile operators, platform providers and other layers in the mobile industry complete solutions for applications and content delivery, he said.

The acquisition strengthens Teleca’s ability to offer its products and solutions to the operator market, while SurfKitchen gains access to Teleca’s global reach, customer portfolio, cost effective services and scale.

SurfKitchen will stay as an independent business unit within the Teleca organization. The company will focus globally on the operator segment, concentrating on business development, sales & product R&D. SurfKitchen will leverage Teleca’s extensive global services for its customer deployment.

The acquisition fits well into Teleca’s strategy of expanding its mobile software outsourcing services to all relevant industries. In 2009, Teleca created a unit to deliver mobile apps, which has already achieved significant customer wins in the media and entertainment industry. Through SurfKitchen, Teleca can offer the operator segment significant advantages, including complete end-to-end apps solutions, full content and subscriber management services, more than 80% market coverage, a first-rate partner network and increased competitiveness. SurfKitchen is uniquely focused on providing mobile operators and their partners with the ability to deliver the optimum mobile user experience for mobile Internet applications and services.

13 Feb 2011.