British Steel Limited in liquidation: information for customers, employees, potential buyers and creditors

On 22 May 2019 the High Court ordered British Steel Limited into compulsory liquidation. The Official Receiver was appointed as liquidator.


Statement from the Official Receiver


“Good progress is being made in identifying potential buyers for British Steel. Multiple parties have signed non-disclosure agreements giving them access to a detailed information memorandum and virtual data-room that my team has developed to inform their bids. Expressions of interest are due with me by early June.”


“The indemnity provided to me has enabled British Steel to continue to trade and the company retains good support from its customers. I would like to thank the workforce for their ongoing support. All staff have been retained and continue to be paid.”


  • British Steel Limited was wound-up in the High Court on 22 May 2019


  • This page is being kept updated



  • The Special Managers have made contact with more than 80 potential trade purchasers of the business, 60 of whom have been sent non-disclosure agreements. As these conversations are commercially confidential no further information is able to be released



Special Managers


The Court has appointed Hunter Kelly, Sam Woodward and Alan Hudson of EY to act as Special Managers to assist the Official Receiver with his duties as liquidator.


Information for potential buyers


The Official Receiver is currently seeking expressions of interest in the business. Please email the Special Managers for further information.


Information for customers


British Steel in liquidation is continuing to trade and supply its customers. The Special Managers are in the process of contacting the company’s customers to keep them informed about the progress of the liquidation.


Information for employees


British Steel in liquidation is continuing to trade, staff will continue to be employed.


The Special Managers are engaging with employee representatives to keep staff informed about the progress of the liquidation. An employee helpline has been established to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us by email or phone on 0161 333 2666.


If there is any change to your employment status the Special Managers will be in contact with you about this.


Information for creditors


The Special Managers are in the process of contacting businesses that have supplied goods or services to British Steel Limited.