Construction industry in UK

The construction sector in the UK is made up of; infrastructure, repair and maintenance, public and private housing, non residential public property such as schools and Hospitals and other public amenities, industrial such as factories and processing plants and the commercial construction sector. Almost a third of new jobs in this industry in the UK are taken by graduate since most of them consist of typical graduate roles such as Architects, business process managers and technical engineering. The global financial recession however affected the construction industry in the UK and as a result, jobs significantly declined. There has been a gradual decline in the property markets with not as many people commissioning construction projects when compared to before the global financial meltdown.


The construction industry in the UK provides lots of opportunities in various niche areas of construction. Generally, the available work in this sector can be summed as follows: Architectural, Civil and structural engineering, Construction and building services, engineering construction and surveying. The construction industry generally grows at a first pace with new emerging technologies and ever changing regulation policies. It is expected that a majority of the construction work in UK, about 42%, will move to the South and East of England largely concentrating in London where major infrastructural and buildings has been going on such as the 2012 Olympics games. Northern Ireland is as well hopeful of major construction investment with a whooping £14 billion worth of public investments planned for the period that began 2006/2015.


The construction industry forecasts that were issued by Leading Edge Predicted a decline of 1.7% in the total output of the industry in 2010 when compared against that of 2009. This gave a figure of £96.9bn at constant 2005 prices. Generally, the industry is expected to resume overall growth in 2011 though it’s expected to be a slow recovery. The new build commercial and industrial sectors are expected to go through rough times in 2010 again but the decline won’t be as drastic as was witnessed in 2009 in which there was an output reduction of one third. Over half of total construction output comes from the new build sector. The general election has been an influence on the industry as well with forecasts expecting a rebound with the formation of the coalition government that is expected to stabilize the market. The expected spending cuts to ameliorate the huge government deficit will affect construction in the education, health and other public sectors.


14 May 2010