Glasgow for Investments in United Kingdom

Glasgow is the second biggest city of Scotland and contributes a huge chunk towards the Scottish economy. Estimates place its annual contribution to the economy at £13 billion making it a destination for investments. Like east of England, Glasgow is another of the UK’s leading knowledge based economies. Investments in Glasgow have been robust in the finance, education, media, broadcasting, business services, and property investments amongst others. This city boasts an employment level that tops 420,000. The growth of inwards and outwards investments speeded the growth of this city’s economy. As a result, its employment rate was twice that of Scotland and Britain. With such a spectacular level of economic performance, more investments have flowed into this city enabling a thriving economy.


Other than investments in the various key sectors of its economy, Glasgow has a highly skilled, big population that is crucial towards building its knowledge based economy. About 2million individuals capable of working are residents of the city or can get to the city in an hours time. Research and teaching centers like universities with international acclaim produce highly qualified graduates, 17% of whom get employed. Of the total graduates out of Universities and other teaching and academic centers, about 40% are absorbed by the workforce.


Investments in the property sector have experienced a marked boom over the last even years. This has been necessitated by the development of Glasgow’s knowledge based economy. It has thus been able to attract professional, skilled workers seeking employment. The result has been a demand for housing that has seen property investments double up. The LINC Scotland has a networks of investors both companies and individuals. It has been crucial in investments across Scotland, Glasgow included. This impressive fact file of economic development and investments promotion won Glasgow the bid to host the 2014 Common wealth games. This represents an investment opportunity in the city of magnitude proportions.


Investments in United Kingdom, Glasgow have been boosted by excellent transport links. It has three international Airports and an efficient rail and road transport. In addition, it has the UK’s best leading financial services. Its broadcasting and IT sectors have major employers that create enormous employments opportunities. The tourism sector performs quite remarkably with almost 3 million tourists visiting the city annually. The tourism sector alones generates a whopping £700 million. It is also a major shopping destination in the UK.


11 May 2010