Global portable accommodation rental firm Algeco Scotsman on the acquisition spree

Global portable accommodation rental firm Algeco Scotsman is on the acquisition spree, having taken over two firms across Europe. The firm bought French and a British firm; as it seeks to foment its position and offering. Algeco Scotsman bought Yvelinoise; a Paris based modular space renter and the UK’s Cabin Centre Ltd’s 2000 mobile storage units.

The French firm, Yvelinoise de Materiel was founded over three decades ago and controlled around 3650 accommodation units in the Paris area. However, with the acquisition, Yvelinoise’s depot will now be the new Algeco Scotsman service depot in the Paris area. Duncan Gills, chief executive officer of Algeco Scotsman said the acquisition is crucial as it allows the firm to grow its market foothold in France, especially in the western expanse of Paris.

In that regard, the deal subsequently has allowed the firm to add a robust branch to its network, a move that effectively enables it accommodates new customers and operations, he said. Algeco Scotsman said the acquisition of the 2000 mobile and secure storage units from the UK firm comes as part of the firm’s larger strategy that is geared at diversifying its business beyond the portable accommodation units that are its strength.

The units will be integrated into Algeco's UK rental business, Elliott Hire. Algeco EMEA chief executive officer Bruno Roqueplo said due to the acquisition, Algeco has hiked its inventory of welfare rental units to serve its clients in the region. The breadth and variety of the firm’s fleet enables us meet current and emerging requirements for national construction companies, as well as industrial and commercial organizations, he added.

Algeco Scotsman is a leading global business services provider focused on modular space and secure storage solutions. Operating as Williams Scotsman in North America, Algeco in continental Europe, and Elliott in the United Kingdom, the group manages a fleet of more than 330,000 units, with operations in 21 countries.

The company’s legacy is grounded in its reputation for exceptional customer service, effective management of business operations and consistent product innovation. Algeco Scotsman's global presence combined with its local market expertise provides exemplary service tailored to meet the unique needs of customers throughout the world.

Algeco is a privately held company that was created in 2007, when Williams Scotsman (previously, NASDAQ listed) was acquired by a syndicate led by investment funds managed by TDR Capital LLP, a United Kingdom based investment fund manager.

1 Oct 2010.