GoIP Global Inc signs letter of interest to acquire Worldlink Group Plc’s US subsidiary

GoIP Global Inc Monday announced it had appended a letter of interest with UK based public firm Worldlink Group Plc for the acquisition of Worldlink’s US subsidiary. Worldlink’s US subsidiary holds rights for the firm’s patented technology and platform.

Worldlink Group Plc processes and develops solutions to access real-time information by individuals and organizations over mobile telecommunications networks. It offers mobilmarkets, which facilitates download on a data set selected by the recipient. The company's process is used in the financial services industry; and other industries and activities, such as sports information services, transport data, external media reporting, medicine, as well as the mobilization of Internet portals.

Based in the United Kingdom, Worldlink Group Plc was founded in 1998 and has been one of the fastest growing providers of real-time data products and services to mobiles and desktops.  GoIP Global chief executive officer Ike Sutton noted the acquisition is subject to due diligence and customary closing conditions. GoIP will be acquiring the Worldlink US subsidiary for convertible preferred stock.

The acquisition, when closed, will increase the valuation of GoIP and offer substantial increase in revenues and licensing fees. The US values for the Patents held by Worldlink are currently being evaluated. This strategic relationship with Worldlink has numerous advantages for GoIP and Worldlink and their shareholders, added Sutton.

However, Worldlink’s managing director Neil Riches said the firm was upbeat over the investment, reiterating his delight over the proposed transaction and the launching of the firm’s program in the US. Worldlink is aware of GoIP Global’s technical capabilities and its ambition to become a leading provider of wireless technologies, he added. With that in mind, Worldlink is confident that its joint technology solution will enable GoIP and Worldlink Plc profit in the fast-growing wireless space and beyond, said Riches.

GoIP Global Inc. offers a range of services, solutions and tools for brands, agencies, content providers, online portals, entertainment and media companies. GoIP Global offers brand and content customers great flexibility in creating mobile marketing campaigns and applications.

On the other hand, Worldlink Plc, founded by Neil Riches, owns a patent protected technology platform for the transfer of real time financial and other data to mobile devices. The patent is protected in both the UK, US and is pending in Europe. The patented technology allows the development of mobile applications that provide data and information which can be delivered, displayed and updated instantly.

18 Oct 2010.