Kelway acquires UK managed services specialist ISC Computers plc

Kelway, the ICT solutions and services provider, announced it acquired managed services specialist ISC Computers plc, including all brands and companies operating under ISC Computers plc.  The acquisition augments Kelway's existing portfolio of managed services and complements Kelway's strengths in ICT strategy and delivery of complex, end-to-end infrastructure solutions, said the firm.

ISC Computers plc is an established services provider with 280 employees and annual revenues of £54 million. Its expertise lies in specialist managed services and emerging technologies including private cloud and desktop virtualization.  Kelway's clients will benefit from ISC's specializations and strong vendor relationships, said its release.  

The acquisition of ISC Computers plc rounds off a year of strong growth for Kelway. With forecasted organic growth of £55 million, Kelway will end the financial year in March 2011 with revenues approaching £250 million, a 40% increase on the previous year.  The impact of ISC Computers plc will further bolster Kelway to predicted annualized revenues in excess of £300 million.

Through an ambitious acquisitive strategy, Kelway has fully integrated four acquisitions into its operations and has reinvested in the business to provide unparalleled expert service to public and private sector clients.

Phil Doye, CEO of Kelway noted that until now, a small number of dominant players have controlled the majority stake in the ICT solutions and services market, limiting the choices for enterprises. Even so, he reiterated his believe that Kelway now has the necessary capabilities and scale to offer a viable alternative.

Dan Laws, Managing Director of Kelway noted the firm’s commitment to maintain agility and the highest standards of service for its partners and clients and are making significant investments to substantially enhance its services portfolio.  ISC's strong customer base, vendor relationships and specializations are an ideal fit for Kelway.

With the highest standard of accreditation from global infrastructure vendors, broad services portfolio and the firm’s standing as a trusted partner, Kelway is the emerging market leader in the ICT solutions and services market, he said.

ICT solutions and services provider Kelway is the UK's market leader with turnover approaching £300 million and a network of 700 staff nationwide.  Kelway has achieved double digit revenue growth every year since 2003 and is forecasting organic growth of £55 million for the financial year ending March 2011. Kelway has achieved the highest standard of accreditation with all major infrastructure vendors, supporting clients to review and develop ICT strategy.

28 Dec 2010.