Swedish logistics specialist establishes UK presence with acquisition of PTS UK Ltd

Swedish logistics specialist firm, Greencarrier has established a strong UK presence through the acquisition of PTS UK Ltd.  Greencarrier has in recent years expanded substantially within the Nordic countries and the Baltic States. The UK investment now establishes a permanent presence in the UK for the Swedish firm. The agreement was signed on 12 April, 2011 and the acquisition is expected to be completed before the end of May.

PTS UK Ltd, which is to be renamed Greencarrier PTS Ltd in due course, has its headquarters within the Ipswich Dock area, just 12 miles from the UK’s leading container port, Felixstowe. Greencarrier has been working with PTS as its UK partner for five years and an excellent relationship has been developed with its management team, all of whom will be retained.

PTS managing director Robert Gaunt said he is looking forward to working as part of a larger company. Gaunt reiterated that Greencarrier will provide PTS with access to greater management resources and expertise, and of course to a much bigger market, notably in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States. The UK, with its population of over 60 million, has a substantial trade with these countries and PTS expects its share of it to grow rapidly over the next few years, said Gaunt.

According to Peter Nevhagen, CEO of Greencarrier International, PTS is a major acquisition as it is increasing the Greencarrier workforce by almost 14%. Nevhagen noted that Greencarrier already had 300 employees working in 26 offices in nine countries and now is adding another two offices in the UK, in Ipswich and Immingham, where PTS has about 40 employees in total.

PTS was founded in 1980 and has offices and warehousing operations in Ipswich and Immingham.  It operates a fleet of 17 goods vehicles ranging in size from 3.5 tonnes up to 44 tonne tractor units and also has more than 100 trailers including curtain-siders and skeletal trailers for container transport.

PTS has its head office in Ipswich where its sales team is based and where it deals with most of the administration on its Scandinavian services as well as UK distribution and warehousing operations.

Serving Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, regular departures for groupage, part and full loads ensure rapid door to door transit times at very competitive prices. There are facilities for sorting, order picking, re-marking, shrink wrapping and labeling of goods at the Ipswich and Immingham warehouses.

13th April 2011