Telgenco launches intelligent genset management solution for telecoms operators

UK based Telgenco announced Friday the launch of its SNMP based intelligent generator management solution developed specifically for telecommunications operators. The Telgenco solution consists of a centralized management software suite with database, a local generator controller, and optionally Telgenco's own 5kW DC genset.

The management solution enables operators to remotely supervise their DC power generation assets across a network of sites by constantly monitoring generator operational status, fuelling requirements, engine and battery condition as well as site security.

The system provides refueling and maintenance scheduling based on real-time genset component condition reducing unnecessary costly site visits.
Commenting on the investment, Telgenco CEO Simon Albury said the company has designed the system from the outset to reduce operating and capital costs associated with large scale generator deployments.
An added benefit is that operators can demonstrate far better network resilience and integrity helping the operator to win and secure high value government and business customers, said Albury.
The management system has two key elements: the Telgenco remote engine management module (REMM3001) and the Telgenco remote management system (RMS500). This REMM3001 controls the genset locally on each site and acquires engine, fuel, security and other parameters via an array of sensors.

When alarm conditions arise, the remote engine management reports back to the remote management system via an SNMP interface over the operator's own private IP network or via a secure public network utilizing a VPN. As well as reporting alarms conditions, the central remote management system schedules refueling and maintenance activity.  
The RMS500 also maintains an extensive database of each sites alarm and maintenance history. This database can be mined to provide insight on genset reliability, fuel consumption and maintenance quality. The RMS500 can be optionally integrated into the operator's existing NMS.

Telgenco is a UK based company that designs, develops and manufactures Intelligent Genset Management Systems for the telecommunications sector. Telgenco boasts highly experienced engineers, software developers and technicians from the Telecommunications, Power Generation, Defence and Formula 1 Motorsport sectors.

Its SNMP based generator management solutions are available either as a retrofit solution to existing deployed generators or to be used with the company’s own ultra long life super quiet Gensets.

These solutions provide Telecom operators with reliable power solutions that reduce operating expenditure, increase asset life and provide an unrivalled level of overall network resilience in either a power back up or primary power implementation.

15th May 2011