Invest in UK News

  • Oxford - investment option in UK

    With a population of roughly 149,000 inhabitants, Oxford is central to the economy of Oxfordshire and its neighboring areas with its 3,400 businesses that provide about 106,000 jobs. Annually, about 9.3 million tourists visit this city that has seven of the ten biggest employers in the UK. The services industry accounts for 89% of employees with 19% in retail, hotel and catering. About a half of the city’s workers are residents outside the city thus there is a high level of in-commuting into the city.

  • Invest in UK news – weekly update

    Investor sentiment in the UK corporate bond market continued to improve with the tightening spreads across the board. With the hope that the global recession is nearing its end, fears over the expected systematic failure in the UK financial system are fading away.  It is expected that interest rates will unlikely not fall any further and the market is hopeful upon signs that the BoE’s quantitative easing measures will take effect. The UK issuance market continued swiftly with the 2009 total already exceeding £70 billion.

  • Construction industry in UK

    The construction sector in the UK is made up of; infrastructure, repair and maintenance, public and private housing, non residential public property such as schools and Hospitals and other public amenities, industrial such as factories and processing plants and the commercial construction sector. Almost a third of new jobs in this industry in the UK are taken by graduate since most of them consist of typical graduate roles such as Architects, business process managers and technical engineering.

  • Investment in North Eastern England

    The North Eastern England comprises of the Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, County Durham and the Tees Valley. North Eastern England has an economy that is dominated by the manufacturing, business services and the public sector. Durham County has many opportunities for investments in the real estate sector with its economy beings one of the most dynamic economies in the UK. Major investments in advanced technology have been undertaken in this region with companies servicing an expanded market with technology based products.

  • East Midlands – investment destination for UK Investment

    The East of Midlands in the UK has an economy that largely relies on manufacturing. Manufacturing remains a key UK investment sector with companies such as Bombardier, Rolls Royce and Toyota at Derby, boots Pharmaceuticals and imperial Tobacco in Nottingham. Other companies like Siemens, are located in Lincoln. The East Midlands textile industry has been affected by cheap foreign imports and high interest rates. This saw some companies like Richard Roberts in Leicester close shop. Others that could not stand the competition relocated e.g. Speedo went to Asia.

  • Glasgow for Investments in United Kingdom

    Glasgow is the second biggest city of Scotland and contributes a huge chunk towards the Scottish economy. Estimates place its annual contribution to the economy at £13 billion making it a destination for investments. Like east of England, Glasgow is another of the UK’s leading knowledge based economies. Investments in Glasgow have been robust in the finance, education, media, broadcasting, business services, and property investments amongst others. This city boasts an employment level that tops 420,000.

  • Aerospace – a key Investment sector in UK

    Aerospace companies in the UK have a long history of being a leading aviation industry in Europe. Aerospace companies in the UK are competitors in all niches of aircraft manufacturing. There are lots of invest UK opportunities in the Aerospace sector. The industry tops second world wide in terms of employment creation and attracts highly skilled people. Despite the global recession, the industry performed quite remarkably showing little signs of its effects as companies saw through their long term contracts and development projects.

  • Investment UK news update on elections

    The Greek debt crisis and the UK’s reality of a hung parliament are dominant worries for investors. The two predominated investor sentiment as the election was concluded with no clear majority winner. As a result, the FTSE plunged on Friday afternoon trading.  London’s leading share index had a fall of 2.78% as it reacted to news of the election and continuing debt crisis in Greece. The index declined from an earlier trading at 3%.

  • East England key partner in Foreign Investments UK

    The east of England accounts for a huge sum of business in the United Kingdom. Estimated at over 430,000, it provides about 10% of UK’s exports per annum. It’s supported by a vibrant economy with sectors such as Healthcare, ICT, biotechnology and Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Airports, the Automotive Industry, Food and Drink; and the Creative media.  It has been widely referred to as the innovation capital of the UK, chiefly in the biotechnology and Technology sectors.