Patented construction technology looking for franchise partner for Australia

Franchise options:  £4.5m is required to open a franchise but the payback is a stunning 18 months.

The technology is a frameless self-bearing building system, which minimizes the use of timber and metal. The production scheme allows for the construction of a customer’s building directly at the factory using AutoCad drawings. Every element has its own number and allows for the complete building with 300 square metres of floor space to be constructed as bespoke housing in 2-3 weeks. The technology allows for the production of overhead covers up to 14 metres in length with no ferroconcrete or metal supports. Panels manufactured by MBSP will possess the highest levels of insulation in the world. (for further details please see  )


The main advantages of the product are the following:


High fire resistance when assembled with a standard fire protection structure in a party wall.

Ecologically friendly product both in the production and in use

Construction with much less  scaffolding time.

Recycling of all waste and therefore waste-free production

High construction speed

Easy assembly by semi-skilled workers 

High hydro- and sound insulation of the walls

Light and steady material

High earthquake resistance

High economic efficiency with heat insulation

4 times stronger construction method than any wooden construction or wooden glued construction

low price and high quality


for details, please contact through this form.