Durham, Invest Durham

Durham is a city-region situated in the North East of England. Durham is renowned for its 11th Century castle and Norman Cathedral and accommodates the esteemed Durham University.



Some important business sectors in Durham are:



  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Agri-Business
  • Film
  • Tourism



Durham provides a perfect combination of a high quality of life and a business friendly environment.



Durham can prove to be an attractive proposition for investors due to its following features:



Government Support for Growth:



The Regional Council of Durham has very business friendly policies. Businesses can count on support from boards of trade, local chambers of commerce, economic development offices, the Regional Council and business improvement areas. Also, investors planning to set up their business in Durham can benefit from competitive tax rates, a provincial health care system and an access to both federal as well as provincial business development programs that support employee development, research and general advisory services.



Access to Markets:



Being located at the eastern gateway to the Greater Toronto Area, Durham offers prime and easy access to an emerging market of more than 120 million customers. Durham's transportation infrastructure is very efficient and facilitates the movement of people and also goods across the region and beyond.



It boasts of an extensive and a well-developed system of two and four lane provincial highways besides having regional arterial roads. The Oshawa port is a commercial shipping center that provides efficient and easy handling of bulk goods.



Skilled Workforce



The Durham region has an abundant source of manpower. It accommodates two prestigious post-secondary institutions, namely the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and Durham College. These institutions provide supreme quality education and training. More than 58 percent  of Durham residents possess at least a two-year college diploma, university degree or skilled trade certificate. Besides, they ensure a well-balanced and ample employment base. All these factors translate into a highly skilled workforce, which is endowed with a sound understanding of industry principles and applied capabilities.



Land and Development



Durham provides growth opportunities on more than 7,000 acres of both serviced and developable vacant land. Since the developable employment lands in other parts of the Greater Toronto Area are in short supply, employment growth is most likely to shift to towards the Durham region.



Research and Development



Durham is rapidly gaining a reputation for being a globally recognized leader in research and development. For instance, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) functions in association with local businesses to explicate market-driven research initiatives. Also, Holburn carries out biomedical research for international clients.



Besides, the Durham region's commercialization opportunities are leading the way in modern sectors including alternative energy technologies and advanced engineering.



Durham also boasts of a diverse and strong industrial base, including several Multi-National Companies (MNCs).



All these reasons have made Durham one of the hottest destinations for investors.