Investment in East England key to FDI UK

The east of England accounts for a huge sum of business in the United Kingdom. Estimated at over 430,000, it provides about 10% of UK’s exports per annum. It’s supported by a vibrant economy with sectors such as Healthcare, ICT, biotechnology and Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Airports, the Automotive Industry, Food and Drink; and the Creative media.  It has been widely referred to as the innovation capital of the UK, chiefly in the biotechnology and Technology sectors. East England’s economy is largely knowledge driven with researches and innovations forming a majority of its know-how export. About a third of total spending in East England goes to research and development. Most multinational companies with investments in the United Kingdom are located here. GlaxoSmithKline, Ford, BAE are found in East England.


Most companies in the East of England have as well invested overseas. The diverse economy provides a lot of investment opportunities in the various sectors that make it vibrant and highly productive. The secret to this has been the regions lead role in key industry sectors in the UK. The friendly investment environment and the availability of support for investors are key factors for its attraction for diverse foreign and local investments. The East of England comprises of major economies and vibrant sectors in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.


Opportunities in this region include supply chain opportunities, Investments in Energy e.g. oil, gas, wind and nuclear. These are sustainable businesses. Investments in United Kingdom based in East of England have a range of advantages:

This region is by far the biggest Research and development ICT cluster in the European Continent based in Ipswich. Additionally, it hosts the largest biotech cluster in Europe with major world biotech companies’ headquartered here. An investment in this region gets easy access to the London market without necessary having to incur the ever high costs of setting up  headquarter or business base in there. In addition, the region’s London Stansted Airport offers faster and direct links to most European locations than any other Airport world wide.  Doing business in this region made easy by ease of logistics and transport given its superb and efficient infrastructure.


Other factors that attract lots of business to East of England are aspects such as its large venture capital funding base outside London and its specialist business incubators. Most of these incubators are linked to top notch Universities with major research centers.


May 2010