Monmouthshire is a county located in South East Wales. It is also called Sir Fynwy in Welsh. The county shares the boundaries with Gloucestershire on the East, Herefordshire to the Northeast, Brecknockshire to the north and Glamorgan to the West.


Monmouthshire is divided into urban and rural districts to facilitate governance. Monmouthshire’s western valleys have rich deposits of mineral resources. Hence, Monmouthshire has a high concentration of industries related to coal mining and iron processing. The principal areas in Monmouthshire are Newport, Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen and some parts of Caerphilly and Cardiff.


Monmouthshire is the first county in Wales that has access to both Severn bridges. The county is strategically located on the M4 corridor that provides easy access to South East, Midlands, the North and London. Monmouthshire economy plays an important role in broader Welsh economy.  Monmouthshire is an   industrial base for different types of industries such as electronics, engineering and service industries in South East Wales.


South East Wales has set up “Capital Wales,” a unique initiative to attract investment to South East Wales. Capital Wales comprises local areas in South East Wales such as Blaneau Gwent, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Merthyr, Tydfil, Monmouth, Newport, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Torfaen and the Vale of Glamorga.  Capital Wales has assisted more than 60 businesses in different target sectors to set up facilities in this region.


Capital Wales has developed a Regional Technology Plan with 35 centers established for technology-specific training. Cardiff University in Monmouthshire has played an important role in the development of electronic industry and automotive clusters in South East Wales.


Commercial property of the highest quality is widely available in Capital Wales. These properties pass the highest standards of energy efficiency and all commercial properties will be able to achieve zero carbon by 2011.


The key sectors for investment in Capital Wales are:


  • Medical and Medical Devices: Many world-renowned companies, such as Biomet UK Limited, Ortho Clinical Diagnostic, and Barloworld Scientific Limited, have set up their manufacturing base in Capital Wales.
  • Biotech - Pharmaceutical - OTC Drugs:  World-renowned companies such as GE Healthcare, Penn Pharmaceutical services, Lion Laboratories and Simbec research are located in Capital Wales.
  • Aerospace - Engineering - Advanced Manufacturing: Reputed companies such as GE Aircraft Engine Services, Defense Aviation Repair Agency, BA Maintenance Cardiff.
  • Software and IT Services: World leaders in Software industry such as Avantis, Comtec Europe, Logica CMG and FD systems have set up their businesses in this region.
  • Financial and Business Services: World leading financial providers such as Zurich Financial Services, Legal & General, Atradius, Llyods TSB and are located in South East Wales.


South East Wales is rapidly progressing toward becoming one of the most prosperous region in Europe and provides business opportunities to every individual and enterprise to share regions business prosperity South East Wales has an excellent tradition of education, innovative universities and a strong reliable workforce required by various industries in the region.


Other advantages of setting up business in Monmouthshire are


  • Tariff-free access to UK and EU markets
  • A highly advanced transport and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Financial incentives for capital investment, job creation and research and development
  • A business-friendly taxation system