Investment in North Eastern England

The North Eastern England comprises of the Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, County Durham and the Tees Valley. North Eastern England has an economy that is dominated by the manufacturing, business services and the public sector. Durham County has many opportunities for investments in the real estate sector with its economy beings one of the most dynamic economies in the UK. Major investments in advanced technology have been undertaken in this region with companies servicing an expanded market with technology based products. For County Durham, a permanent indoor market, located just off the market place and its surrounding streets comprise the commercial areas of this city.


The North Eastern England has had over 200 million pounds invested in technologies by companies that work in collaboration with the research centers in Universities to produce knowledge based products. For Durham county, chemical and health care industries have played a key role in its continued development. However, other industries such as Automotive, electronics and animation are as well growing remarkably. The city has subsequently become an investment magnet in the real sector given the number of people that travel to study and work here. The property markets are flourishing with the added need for housing to meet the industrial and company workers that work in the region.


The North Eastern England has favorable economic policies that encourage investments in this region. Its key economic sectors include world leading engineering industries and dynamic new fields such as low carbon electric vehicles and renewable energy. The region is one of the main automotive manufacturers and leads Europe with the highest number of Chemical manufacturers. Chemical manufacturing is done in advanced biofuel and advanced technology plants. The continued research in printable electronics and nanotechnology and bioscience is expected to make the regions emerging economy felt in the global scene. The creative industries in the region are as an emerging one and quite promising with an employment rate that tops 11,000.


In a nutshell, the north east England economy is dynamic due to massive investments in new generation advanced technologies. Its key manufacturing sectors continue to produce quality research and knowledge baaed products that have exploited the available technologies to advance. The centers of excellence in this region have been crucial in the creation of breakthrough technologies. However, funding for the key sectors has been availed through venture capital and grants to ensure continued growth of the states economy.