Investment in Northwest England

With a mammoth economy which is even bigger than 15 European Union (EU) countries together, England's Northwest really operates at an international level.



The main cities worth investing in the Northwest England are:



Manchester is known as one of the best cities in Europe to start a business only after London. It is contemporary, creative and confident.



Liverpool: This city features a potent, distinct business base such as those in financial services, biotechnology and so on. It is a famous region in the Northwest England to allure major investors.



Cheshire: This city is home for a number of MNCs and its financial and research sectors are showing massive potentials which are all waiting to be explored. It is also a powerhouse station.



Lancashire: This region which is known for its exuberant past is rejuvenating itself with highly advanced engineering and sophisticated manufacturing.



Cumbria: Apart from being a haven for agriculture and industry, market towns, coastline, urban and rural potential, diversification is the major key towards the success of business in Cumbria.



The main attracting point in the Northwest England which will prove beneficial for investors is the business environment. It has the necessary environment which can prove beneficial for investors. It has a properly based labor and skills, property, connectivity, Grants and Finance, highly educated people and a superb quality of life.




Key sectors to invest in Northwest England:



Advanced Manufacturing: From automotive to aerospace, chemicals to sophisticated materials, England’s Northwest is one of the major business locations as far as advanced manufacturing is concerned.



Biomedical: With more than 230 biomedical companies including six6 MNCs, it is not a big surprise that Northwest is the leading producer of pharmaceuticals. This sector is mostly concentrated in Liverpool and Manchester and in some parts of Cheshire. These three sub-regional centers are burgeoning and have tremendous potential which needs to be explored.



Energy and Environment Technology: This sector is going to dominate the entire Northwest England in the near future. With a presence of more than 1,500 companies in the Environment Technology alone, this sector is excelling in the means of finding low carbon technologies such as the tidal, micro-hydro and wave systems.



Creative and Digital Industries: This is the second largest sector in the Europe and has more than 31,000 established businesses. The Lancaster University's Infolab, the Daresbury Science and Innovation campus and the Liverpool Science park provide world-class research and innovation along with knowledge based business and accommodation for sophisticated technology.



Financial and Professional Services: The England's Northwest region brags of having a comprehensive range of legal, property, financial and consultancy firms. The Banking and Financial sector alone of the Manchester contributes 11.5 per cent of Northwest region's total Gross Value Added (GVA).



Food and Drink: The Northwest region is the largest food and drink producing area in the England. It has the largest number of food production companies than any other region and has also excelled is also a leading producer in food hygiene, process innovation, packaging and manufacturing.



With globally recognized five locations, a world-class infrastructure and prospects in almost all the industries, Northwest England is surely the place which global investors must not overlook.