Oxfordshire is a county situated in South East England. The county shares borders with Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire. Oxford County is divided into five local government districts to facilitate governance. The five local government districts of Oxfordshire County are Oxford, Cherwell, Vale of White Horse, West Oxfordshire and South Oxfordshire.


The major industry in Oxfordshire is tourism, but the county is also noted for its high concentration of performance motorsport companies and facilities. The county also has a cluster of biotech companies that are linked to world-renowned Oxford University.  


Investment in Cherwell:


Cherwell is a district with a mix of small rural villages and busy market towns. The region has a lively and diverse economy with various strong sectors such as Advanced Engineering and Motorsports and Biotechnology. Cherwell has a large and growing business and financial sector and a strong retail sector. Tourism, distribution, logistics and the public sector also actively contribute to Cherwell’s economy. It is one of the most knowledge driven economies of the world and important part of overall Oxfordshire’s economy.


Cherwell has highly competitive costs in business properties. The business properties in Cherwell are more affordable in comparison to prime areas in the Midlands and the rest of the region. Cherwell has managed to maintain balance in its economy. The economy, though largely knowledge based, has continued to retain its importance as a strong manufacturing base in the region. In fact, Cherwell has the sixth largest manufacturing workforce in the South East England region.


Cherwell North Oxfordshire has number of important business clusters. Cherwell is located in the UK’s Motorsport Valley and there are many motor racing and engineering firms based in the district. Silverstone Racing Circuit is located near Cherwell, making Cherwell an ideal location for companies related to motor racing engineering firms. The  district provides a good infrastructure and a full supply chain for motor sporting. Cherwell has industries involved in chassis building, instrumentation and telemetry specialists related to F1 racing.


The University of Oxford is located in proximity and there are many biotechnology companies in the region producing advanced research and products in fields of gene therapy, nano-technology and diagnostics. There are many world-renowned biotech companies in Cherwell such as Oxonica, Oxford Biosensors, and Prolysis. The Cherwell Innovation Centre and the Diagnox laboratory assists start-ups by allowing access to diagnostic and research equipment otherwise unavailable.


Cherwell also has a thriving Software Development sector.  The sector develops enterprise systems, the latest sports simulation gaming, new media production, digital animation and on-line content.


Oxfordshire is an affluent county located in South East England.  The region facilitates businesses involved in innovative, high technology as the skill requirements of the industry are easily fulfilled by local workforce. Oxfordshire is known for it clusters of industries such as OxIT in information technology and Oxfordshire Bioscience Network in biotechnology. Oxfordshire is a great place to work, live and a place for great entrepreneurship. The South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) assists companies and foreign investors looking to relocate, set up research and development, distribution operation or set up joint ventures in South East England.