Sussex, Invest Sussex

Sussex is a county located in South East England. It is bordered by Kent County on the east, Surrey County on the north, Hampshire on the west and the English Channel on the south. The county is divided into East Sussex, West Sussex and the cities of Brighton and Hove to facilitate local governance.


The main industries in Sussex County are agriculture, iron working, the clay industry (pottery, tiles and bricks) and service industries. The East Sussex hub facilitates investment in the East Sussex region and is a primary body working with SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) for the development of South East England. There are many organizations working for the development of the South East England region such as FinaceSouthEast, SEEDA. These organizations provide Business Mentoring programs and structured investment readiness in all stages of investment in the region.


The East Sussex Hub  primarily intends to develop high tech manufacturing, advanced engineering and creative industries. The screen south body assists with marketing, distribution and exhibition. The creative industry is mainly based in South East England as Sussex provides a tremendous range of diverse and stunning locations needed for film production, starting with stately homes, modern towns and unspoiled coast lines. Sussex also offers top-notch infrastructural facilities and the expertise required by creative industries.


The advanced manufacturing sector in Sussex is garnering news for its high value, highly skilled, internationally acclaimed businesses to take the lead in high tech global supply chains.


The UK is the leading exporter of high tech goods in the world. The government has already announced investment of 151.1 million pounds as part of a strategy to encourage development of new technologies and addressing of existing challenges. The government is expecting private entities to invest in life sciences, low carbon and high manufacturing.


South East England has the most extensive infrastructure in Europe that facilitates passenger travel and movement of goods. The well-developed infrastructure makes transportation easy, fast and cost effective within the UK. South East England is located en route between UK’s capital city, London, and the rest of Europe.


The key sectors for investment in South East England are:


1)       Aerospace and defense: Foreign investors can make investments in sub-sectors such as aero structures, defense systems, unmanned air vehicles, homeland security, airports and airline services. Each sector is further subdivided into R and D, third tier component suppliers and prime contractors.


2)       Automotive: The South East region is known for its Motorsports component manufacturing, high tech design engineering, Telematics and aftermarket. The South East region has around 500 automotive companies and BMW has recently made a significant investment in plants located in West Sussex. These plants will produce the latest Rolls Royce model.


3)       Creative Industries:  The South East region has around 4000 companies in its creative sector. The UK’s biggest film studio is also located in South East England. South East England has the most extensive range of industries in the creative sector such as advertising, design, film and video, performing arts, interactive leisure software, television and radio.


Sussex has well developed road and rail links to the UK and the rest of Europe. Sussex also has well developed ports such as the Ports of Dover, Folkestone, Harwich, and New Haven that facilitate transportation of passengers and goods.  South East England has around four container ports that help businesses ship goods to any part of the world.