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Our business was first launched in 1995, by consultants who already had lengthy search and selection experience in the UK and internationally. The aim was, and remains, to provide personalised recruitment services to companies large and small across the whole industrial and commercial spectrum. The Estrelas brand was launched in 2006.

Our recruitment services range from advertising, both online and offline, to Executive Search, the approach being dictated by the requirements of each individual assignment.

We accept only those assignments we are confident of completing successfully. Where an assignment is outside of our core capability we say so, and act as an independent signposting service to ensure clients retain the recruiter best able to bring success.

Over the years, we have developed an ability to bring to a successful conclusion the most difficult and sensitive assignments - often where others have failed. We are always available to discuss such situations confidentially.

The knowledge and network built up over almost 20 years of experience in the Executive Recruitment market enables us to partner with other service providers to deliver a comprehensive range of 'people related' services.

For start up, high growth and inward investing companies, our partner firms and consultants provide all of the Human Resources services necessary, from a Virtual PA service for message and mail handling, through the structure of employee benefits packages, legislation compliance, day to day personnel management and, of course, specialist and executive recruitment.

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