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The Richmond group was formed in 1999 to service the credit and finance needs of ordinary people who had been refused credit by the large Banks. Our belief is that there is no such thing as the wrong customer, only the wrong product. As our policy of finding the right product for the customer rather than turning away customers who did not meet a 'narrow' scorecard became popular, we have had to rapidly increase our capacity in order to provide a progressively better range of options to our applicants.


Our knack for spotting what is good about an applicant is the same knack that we have for spotting the potential for greatness in our people. It doesn't matter if you join us as an operator or an Operations Director we are determined to make you passionate and enthusiastic about what you do and soon, like us, you too will be boring your friends and family with stories of your latest achievement, or the difference you have made.


A great place to work!

There is no such thing as a dead end job at the Richmond group. Almost all of our managers and even one of our Directors started off in our call centre. We believe in building on your skills and recruiting upwards from within wherever possible.


Grow with us!

Over the last seven years our company has grown by a minimum of 50% every year. Now comprising of 8 separate brand identities, employing over 400 people, and dealing with over 8,000 finance applications per week we want you to become part of our success!


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